Errands And Meetings That Over-Run

Tuesday morning is sibling music class.

When I used to take my old charges to a music group, down in the West Country, I was the only nanny there. Mostly it was Mums, sometimes a Dad or a Granny, occasionally a childminder.

It’s a different story in Kensington though. There’s not a blood relation in sight. All of the children are brought by their nannies or au-pairs.

Mini has a friend here, Misty, who she likes to sit next to. Misty’s nanny, Theresa, is from the Philippines and we have a little chat before the class starts. She’s been with her family for seven years. The family consists of Mum, Dad, five children and two dogs.

She’s a nanny/housekeeper so she certainly has her work cut out for her. Theresa told me the Mum is a stay-at-home-Mum but is out of the house most of the day “running errands”. I wonder what sort of errands can take up a whole day but I don’t get to ask Theresa as the class is about to begin.

After class we walk along together for a while and the girls hold hands and skip. It was nice to have someone to chat to and Mini loves being with other kids.

I took the children home for lunch and they both had a nap afterwards. Me too; nanny needs her rest also!

At three o’clock we were back up and getting ready to meet Mini’s friend from nursery with her nanny Claire.

They live on route to the park so we arranged to meet them outside their block. As we approach I send Claire a text to say we are almost there. She replies- on r way down. got 2 pick up marco and take him 2 karate!!!

When they come down, Claire looks pretty annoyed.

Adriana’s Mum had said she would pick up Marco (Adriana’s brother, aged 6) from school so that Claire and Adriana could come to the Pirate Ship Park with us.

“She sent me a text 15 minutes ago saying I have to pick him up and take him to karate as her ‘meeting‘ is over-running.” Claire says, fuming.

“I guess there’s not much she can do if her meeting is over-running,” I say, trying to be fair.

Claire gives me an are-you-for-real look.

“When she says ‘meeting’, she means lunch with a friend. This time. Sometimes it can mean she’s with her trainer, or her osteopath, or her facialist, or she’s getting her nails done, or her hair, or she’s having coffee with someone. She doesn’t work. She never goes to an actual meeting.”

We pick Marco up from school and take him to karate. We then head to a different playground than planned. Claire’s Mum boss has said she’ll pick Marco up. However, Claire isn’t convinced. Hence why we are at this playground just around the corner from karate.

It doesn’t matter that we are at a different playground but I can tell Mini is disappointed as she was looking forward to going to the Pirate Ship Park.

“You’re so wise to get a job where both parents are at work,” Claire says. “It really makes everything so much easier. She’s always changing her plans and it’s mostly the children that end up missing out. She just doesn’t think.”

The little girls run off and play whilst I push Freddie on a swing. Claire and I chat. I get on really well with her. I’m really happy we’ve made friends and that the girls get on too.

I’m just about to say we should be getting back for tea when Claire’s phone pings.

It’s a text from her Mum boss.

She looks at it, sighs and raises her eyebrows.

She shows me the phone- Running late. Can you pick up Marco? See you at home later.



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