End Of The First Week

And so I find myself at the end of my first week in my new position as a live-in nanny for the Daley-Todd family in Kensington, London.

I’ll admit it- I’m exhausted.

I work 7am- 7pm plus I am contracted to babysit two nights a week between Monday and Thursday which is standard live-in nanny hours. Back home my hours were officially 8am-6pm but, in reality, I mostly started at 8.30am and finished by 5.30pm. So far this week I have been relieved by either parent at pretty much 7pm on the dot. They were kind to me this week and I just babysat on Thursday evening and only for a couple of hours.

I give Mum and Dad a call most evenings and update them on what I’ve been doing. I’m also on Whatsapp with my best friend from home, Abbie, throughout the day.

At Mini’s nursery, there seems to be some other nannies who look nice. I haven’t approached any yet. I’m waiting to see who Mini is friends with and which adult brings them. I’ve asked her each day who she plays with and she always says different children. She’s a sociable little thing so hopefully she’ll be up for lots of playdates.

One kid who she does talk about a lot is called Adriana. I’ve asked Mini to point her out to me at pick-up but she never seems to see her. It will be nice to spend some time with other nannies, or Mum’s, soon.

The Daley-Todds packed up their car and left for their country house on Friday afternoon. Both the children have an afternoon nap. They left about 1.30pm so the children would sleep in the car.

It’s great having this big house all to myself. This weekend I’m going to have a good walk around Kensington, look in the shops etc.. There’s so much to see and do in London. I can’t wait to be a tourist. Abbie might come up next Saturday to stay a night. I need to ask India first if I can have a friend over. In the interview they said it was permitted as long as I told them first.

But, right now, it’s only 8.30pm and I already want to get in bed. I’ll text Abbie for a bit, she’s going out this evening with some of our gang. It’s weird to think they are going out without me. I miss them a bit but I’m still excited for this new London adventure.


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