Fifteen Good Reasons To Be A Nanny

1. Hanging out in the park on a sunny day, whilst your friends are stuck in an office. Selfie getting a tan anyone?

2. Eating fish fingers and chips legitimately. And sausages. And spaghetti hoops. And fairy cakes. 

3. Spending all day with people that find burping and farting funny.

4. Farting and blaming the kids. Umm, I’ve never done this one of course…just saying it’s an option.

5. Lunchtime naps! I’ve been known to get the full two hours.

6. Meeting with nanny friends, ie spending part of your work day with friends.

7. Days out to places you want to go- paid for. Legoland? Tower of London? Yes, please!

8. Cuddles from cute little munchkins 😍

9. Working in some stunning private houses and locations.

10. Hearing funny sayings out of the mouths of babes. Izzy, in reaction to me saying I had bare feet: “Bear feet? But you’re feet aren’t hairy!”

11. Having food on your clothes and blaming the children for doing it. I do this daily.

12. Watching the children learn and grow.

13. Playing with playdough and trying to make something other than a snake from it.

14. Job satisfaction, definitely higher than most professions.

15. Feeling proud of “your” kids when they do something kind, sweet, funny, smart, thoughtful etc..


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