When Your Dad Boss Wears A Lime Green Kaftan

If you read my post about The Journey from my sleepy West Country village to Kensington, London you will know that Tristan Daley-Todd (my Dad boss as he shall henceforth be known) greeted my arrival as the new live-in nanny wearing a lime green kaftan.

At the time I wasn’t too sure if it was pyjamas/home wear or an actual outfit. Whichever it was, he changed fairly shortly before going out of the house with his wife and children.

I am happy to announce, however, that the lime green kaftan makes regular appearances in the Daley-Todd household. I’m not sure exactly what Tristan does for work but he goes to an office and he wears a suit. So far I’ve seen him very little but when I have seen him he looks smart, like a true City of London gent.

Get him home and he’s slightly different. Take this evening, for example. India told me that as she had to work late tonight it would be Tristan relieving me of my duties at 7pm. She said she had reminded him before he left and that she would text him during the day to make sure he leaves the office on time.

At 6.50pm Tristan walked through the door. The children were fed, bathed and we were snuggled on the sofa watching CBeebies. Ten month old Freddie was in my arms having his milk and three year old Mini was curled up, thumb in mouth looking calm for possibly the first time today.

I heard the door slam. The children didn’t flinch. I heard Tristan take his shoes off and head straight up the stairs. A few minutes later he came down and burst through the door wearing the lime green kaftan.

“My children,” he announced theatrically “come into the arms of your Father.”

They both stared at him. Mini smiled and lifted her arms to him. She was too tired to move much but she wanted a cuddle from her Daddy.

Tristan picked Mini up and gave her a big snuggle. “I want beans Daddy,” Mini said.

“It’s a bit late for beans isn’t it?” Tristan shot me a worried look. He was obviously in unfamiliar territory, he doesn’t really know their weekday bedtime routine.

“Beans? She had plenty to eat at teatime.” I said by way of an explanation.

“She means jelly beans.”

“Daddy, I want beans. Pleeeeease”

Mini wasn’t even looking at Tristan, her eyes were fixated on the telly.

Tristan put Mini back down next to me and looking slightly panicked said, “Ok darling, I’ll go and get some but I have to go to the shop. I’ll just be a few minutes ok?”

I was in disbelief that he was going to go out and get jelly beans just before bedtime but I didn’t say anything. He went out of the room and in a moment I saw him go past the window. He was still wearing the lime green kaftan and he had hurriedly put on his smart, polished office shoes. And dressed like that he ran to the corner shop to buy jelly beans.

He was back before the goodnight song played.



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