It’s All About The Pink Cake

After Mum and Dad dropped me off at my new live-in nanny position, I met the children. Who I have to say, didn’t look that happy to meet me.

Mini is three. Three going on 13 judging by her attitude. When introduced to her new nanny she scowled, put her hands on her hips and declared “I want Tanya back.”  Tanya being the previous nanny.

Freddie is ten months and so gorgeous. He has beautiful blonde curls and big blue eyes. He’s a bit of drooler but in my job I’m more than used to that. India gave him to me to hold but he screamed, arched his back and flung his arms out for his Mum to take him back.

Oh well. Sure things will get better.

The Daley-Todds left to go out so I could unpack and settle in. They said they’d be back by tea-time.

I have a bedroom at the top of the house. I share a bathroom with the children. Mini’s bedroom is at the top with mine and Freddie’s is the floor below.

This house is bigger than any I’ve ever been in before. The staircase is big and sweeping. There looks to be expensive art on the walls. It’s a very lived-in house though with children’s toys and “stuff” around.

After I made a sandwich in the kitchen for my lunch I went back up to my room. It feels a bit weird to be living in someone else’s house. I know I’m meant to use their living room but I’d feel strange if they came home and found me sitting there.

Eventually, they did come home. I could tell from the absolute racket that went on as soon as the door opened a fraction. Both children were screaming. The baby was just crying like little ones do sometimes. But…

Oh. My. Goodness.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite like Mini before. I was up on the fourth floor and straight away I could hear.

“I said I want the cake with PINK on it.”

She was screeching. I couldn’t hear what the parents were saying. Only that they were trying gently to placate her.

After a few minutes it quietened a little but then I heard something coming up the stairs. It was India. She was holding Mini by the wrist and “bringing you to your room for time-out” she was telling Mini.

Mini, however, had her face scrunched up, eyes firmly shut. She wasn’t moving her feet, so India was effectively dragging her up the stairs to her room. India put Mini in her room and then calmly walked to my door.

She knocked and said, “Can I come in?” so gently and politely as if a war hadn’t just broken out in the house.

She sat on the end of my bed. She gave me a weary look and said, “The weekends are so long. You have your work cut out for you with that girl. You’ll to turn the gin like Tanya did.”

Just as she said that there was an almighty screech from Mini’s room. “I WANT THE PINK CAKE.”

Oh man, what have I done.




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